A Global Health Education Initiative 


It is health that is real wealth not pieces of gold and silver
— Mahatma Gandhi
My goal is not only to educate the public on health, but to make a long lasting impact on their lives.
— Bartosz Skiba
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Program Details

CHasing The Diagnosis

Relaying this type of information to kids requires a proper program. The clinics will have the information presented using a multi-media based presentation. Every child and helping adult will be able to participate in the multitude of games and interactive activities that the presentation will offer. The summer 2018 program will be based upon reaching diagnosis provided certain diseases. The students will be immersed and asked to communicate in english in order to diagnose the illness they were provided with. Through a game format, the student will become physicians searching for symptoms to their diseases card. 


Genetic Inquiries

This year's program will entail an additional component that focuses on introducing students to what the subject of genetics concerns and culminate with the extraction of strawberry DNA through a hands on lab.  The lab component will give the students a breath of fresh air in terms of the english/health science instruction.  This additional component will add some physicality to the program experience. 

Anticipated Program Structure