A Global Health Education Initiative 


It is health that is real wealth not pieces of gold and silver
— Mahatma Gandhi

" It all started with a dream and passion to help others" 

Intiative By Bartosz Skiba 

My name is Bartosz Skiba and I am currently a rising senior at the Middlesex County Academy SMET in Edison, New Jersey. From a very young age I  knew that I had a passion for helping others. Over the many years I have realized that the best outlet for my passion would be through medicine.

Over the years I have wanted to organize an entity greater than myself in scope. I wanted to do something now rather than waiting until I graduated with a proper medical education.  Through this, Inter-Health-Pathways was born.  Inter-Health-Pathways is an international education initiative that centers around educating the youth about health and medicine through interactive games and puzzles. This will take place through a 15 person group meeting together for approximately 3 days.  

The organization's inaugural clinics will take place in Poland. Being deeply connected to Poland through relatives, culture, and nationality, I wanted to start off the organization there and give back to my home town.  

This would all be achieved with the help of local medical doctors and dental doctors that will bring more power and depths to my presentations through these clinics.  





908-416-6015  (USA) 



Witoszyn, Poland


10 AM July 17th, 2017 


My goal is not only to educate the public on health, but to make a long lasting impact on their lives.
— Bartosz Skiba
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The Graph To The Right Highlights The Programs Focus Areas 

In order to capitalize on the educational aspect of the program, I wanted to lay out a specific curriculum that will guide the presentations. Through presentation, games, puzzles, and speaking exercises, the student will learn the following.


Areas Of Focus


Program Details

CHasing The Diagnosis 

Relaying this type of information to kids requires a proper program. The clinics will have the information presented using a multi-media based presentation. Every child and helping adult will be able to participate in the multitude of games and interactive activities that the presentation will offer. The summer 2017 program will be entirely based upon reaching diagnosis provided certain diseases. The students will be immersed and asked to communicate in english in order to diagnose the illness they were provided with. Through a game format, the student will become physicians searching for symptoms to their diseases card. 



The first planned clinic is designated to take place in the region of Witoszyn- Wymiarki Poland. Feel free to use the google maps widget on the right to navigate the region.  The choice for the area came from proximity to key speakers and family that will aid in the process.