Program Details

"Young Europeans Face Emergencies"

Relaying this type of information to kids requires a proper program. The clinics will have the information presented using a multi-media based presentation. Every child and helping adult will be able to participate in the multitude of games and interactive activities that the presentation will offer. The clinic will culminate with a bingo format game. Children will be encouraged throughout the program to retain the information in order to do well in the bingo game. There will be prizes awarded both during the bingo and after as a part of the "goodie bag" aspect.

The program as before mentioned will be split into three days. The name of this year's program is Young European Faces Emergencies. The hands on aspect combined with technology will be taught in the Polish language with key terms in English to allow the students to understand how to face any medical crises in a foreign nation.  The days will cycle through a day of general dental health knowledge, body systems, and finally illness knowledge that would be crucial to know when facing a crisis abroad. The three day program will help this group of students understand more about health and their bodies in both the English and Polish Languages